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Bilingual children's books in Portuguese and English. 

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Our Collections

Diaspora | Diáspora

The Diaspora collection is reflective of the Portuguese communities across the world that hold onto the traditions of our homeland. The Diaspora experience is unique, as it not only blends our Portuguese heritage and that of the country where we live, but it also gives us the freedom to create and evolve the traditions to become our own.

Heart | Coração

 Our "Amor" collection highlights all those we love in our lives - mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, extended family, friends, and more. Our lives are enriched by those who love us and these books tell those stories. 

Heritage | Herança

A big part of our heritage are the legends and stories that are told about how traditions came to be, courageous individuals and symbols of love and triumph. This collection aims to preserve those stories for generations to come.

Education | Educação

These books help children learn vocabulary, counting and more in both Portuguese and English.

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