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Bilingual children's books in Portuguese and English. 

Special Projects

Was That You?

After losing her 9 month old son, Alexandre, unexpectedly in 2019, author Angela Costa Simoes found herself wanting to continue doing whatever she could to stay connected to her son and take care of him, and his memory. While shopping for a book for her daughter, she found herself wanting to buy a book for Alexandre as well, even though he had passed. Nothing seemed right, of course. Who writes a book to read to children who have passed? This author decided the world needed just such a book. 


This book is written in the style of a children's book so that parents can read it to their child who has passed on as a way to stay connected. There are pages to also include one's own examples of signs  they have received.


100% of all sales are donated to a scholarship created in Alexandre's memory by PALCUS. Donations can be made directly to the Alexandre Antonio da Costa Simoes Memorial Scholarship fund via the PayPal link here.

Island Girl, Menina da Ilha

Island Girl, Menina da Ilha is a lovely memoir that chronicles the childhood of first-time author, Idalina Mendoza, growing up on the picturesque island of Flores in the Azores island in Portugal.


The book chronicles her early years living in a quaint village, cooking and doing laundry with her grandmother, getting ready for local festivals and admiring her mother’s strength as she went out for her routine diving expedition to gather sargasso for the family, even at 9 months pregnant! The descriptive language, pencil sketch-style illustrations and genuine sentiment engages the reader, bringing them into Idalina’s world as a little girl experiencing the wonders of her island.

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